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Website Goals Questionnaire

To help determine what the goals of your website should be, answer the questions below.

I would like to be able to sell my product online.

Visitors will be needing a new Website and looking for help. They most likely won't be wanting to build the Website themselves, and will be looking for a company like ASL Web Design to help them.

Primarily by word of mouth (friends), referrals (from existing customers), and search engines (google, yahoo, ect.)

Mark all that apply. If 'other' please use the text box to enter more information.

A place for current customers to view mock ups
To track project with partner

a. Customers to view mock ups
b. To track projects with partner
c. To request more info (contact us)
d. To educate our customers on the status of their Websites and how to improve (specifically and generally)
e. To educate other visitors about what ASL does and provide them tips (on choosing a good company & generally how to improve Websites
f. ect.

a. Does income matter?
b. Does gender matter?
c. Does age matter?
d. Does location matter?
e. Can you describe a person that you believe is your primary demographic?

Owners of an organization that either have a Website that is not working or are wanting to create their first Website. They either don't have a lot of money to put towards a Website or are skeptical of the ROI and unwilling to pay a lot until they see results. They are wanting to work with people they trust, are easy to speak to, and are willing to take extra time helping and explaining what is important and how to make a Website successful.

GOAL 1: Have a place to create mock-ups and track projects with partner.
Measure: We will be able to create mock-up websites and easily share with customers before making a customer's website go live.